Monday, June 04, 2007

What Our Quiet Students Teach Us

For about a year, I have been toying with a new paper idea: What Our Quiet Students Teach Us.

I continue to think about this. Will be developing a paper on it soon, I hope.


Blogger lisa schamess said...

okay, i will pony up first. a few of the kinds of Quiet Student i have examined:

--the back row "I am Not Here" student
--the front row "Oh, Never Mind Me," student
--the sleeper
--the stoner
--the reader-of-something-else-you-didn't-assign
--the hater who can't be bothered
--the doodler
--the quiet and polite student one year who blossoms (or snaps) the next
--more to come

2:26 PM  
Blogger lisa schamess said...

gee, we are all of us awwwwfully quiet here.


7:35 PM  

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